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Original Artwork For Sale

I am proud to share many of my original paintings with you! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and look at my work. I am honored by your digital presence.

I primarily paint using acrylics on canvas. Although each work may be 90% acrylics, I often include additional materials like gold leaf, drawing materials, epoxy resin, collage, oil paint, and other mixed media within each painting to add diversity and complexity to the layers. This additional complexity is a means to add mystery and ultimately draw the viewer in for a closer experience.

As an artist, I believe that all my work is connected by threads placed during production from the outpouring of my heart, mind, and even subconscious. In my most intuitive non-representational paintings my subconscious may reveal itself the most, where my more illustrative work are manifestations of my ideals and interests. After taking countless hours to look at my work and analyze it individually and holistically, the major themes present are faith, hope, adventure, and courage. These uplifting themes are demonstrated in numerous ways when one steps back to see them.

Bright, full strength colors, splashed energetically across the surfaces, represent a spirit of courage. My application methods are rooted in my belief that the paint itself (as a metaphor for people) need not be over worked and labored before application, but that paint is ready to fulfill its destiny the moment the seal is broken.

Upon introspection, I realize that my desire to inspire courage comes from my resentment of oppressive mindsets. In my work with hundreds of art students of all ages, I've heard far too many self deprecating comments, outpourings of oppressive beliefs. In my life and work, I challenge negative thoughts that blossom into passive hopelessness. The desire for freedom comes from my faith that regardless of who or what we are, we are made by our creator and loved enough for Christ's ultimate sacrifice to redeem us. This is not earned but given freely. 

My honest profession of my source for freedom and inspiration may invite rejection, but I value honesty and vulnerability more than acceptance from the masses. It is up to the sensitivities in your spirit, whether or not my work speaks to you in the ways I intend. In all actuality, art is interpreted in infinite ways as we all see art through our own experiences, tastes, and world views.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding a painting or potential commission, please email me at admin@stephenlursen.com