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Stephen Lursen Art

Joyful Expectation Original Painting by Stephen Lursen



Painting: Acrylic and gold leaf on Canvas.

This abstract work is inspired by the thought of setting the mood for a room. I asked myself the question "how powerful can a work of abstract art be? Can it single handedly set the mood for an entire space?" I believe the answer to be a resounding YES!

In this work I sought to create a neutral platform including whites and grays to be a firm foundation upon which the bright colors would stand to greet you as you enter the space.

I hope that anyone who sees this painting will be uplifted by a spirit of hope and lightness. The swirling composition is intended to inspire movement and energy within the viewer. The fleeting flashes of light (depending on angles and light sources) that reflect off the gold leaf bring light in unexpected moments. I hope this painting brings you joy and inspiration in your home or place of work.

This painting is on canvas stretched over a heavy duty wooden stretcher frame 1.5 inches deep and does not need to be framed. Its gallery depth stands off the wall with pride.

Joyful Expectation by Stephen Lursen

Keywords: pink, red, strong, bold, white, bright, blue, Color field, drips, abstract, gold, happy

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