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Stephen Lursen Art

I Won't Be Held Down - Original Painting by Stephen Lursen


"I Won't Be Held Down" is an original imaginative work by Stephen Lursen in his current series created to uplift the imagination and hope within the mind of the viewer.

When one longs for a dream, in this case, to see and touch the moon, not just look upon it from a distance, what would life be like if you could break the limitations even of gravity itself and fly to achieve that which others say is impossible?

How many times do we as people deny ourselves of our own dreams simply because we've heard that it can not be achieved or that the odds against us are too great. These experiences in life are designed only to increase the value of the achievement, not to stop it!

The purpose of this work of art is to remind the viewer to strive and innovate to achieve what others believe to be beyond our grasp. Its purpose is to inspire hope and faith that the best, can be.

This 16"x20" painting is on canvas stretched over a 3/4" deep wooden frame and doesn't need to be framed to look complete. However if you prefer to frame it, you certainly can however you like, to best suit your aesthetic.


Keywords: pink, seascape, blue, stars, clouds, dream, floating, flying, moon, mysterious, night

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