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Stephen Lursen Art

A Spirit of Adventure: Original Painting on Canvas


This painting is the second in it's series. Inspired by my six year old daughter's love for cats of all kinds, and my own spirit of adventure, I combined my abstract style background with layers of plants and the cutest Ocelot I could muster. This represents a bridge from my previous decade of work which was predominantly nonrepresentational, with my newer interest in creating illustrative art for story telling. I made this choice after becoming an Art teacher, where making personal connections happens daily, and my love for stories increased dramatically.

This painting is ready to hang. Unframed, as the sides of the canvas are painted to match the colors on the face of the painting.

36" x 36" x 1.5"

Original Created: 2021

Subjects: An Ocelot, Ferns and Monstera plants, incorporated into an Abstract painting.

Materials: Gallery Depth Canvas


Abstract combined with illustrative styles of landscape painting


Acrylic paints, gold leaf, and glitter

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