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About me

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Hi! My name is Stephen Lursen, and I'm an artist, instructor, husband and father. I received my Masters of Fine Art in Painting from Winthrop University in May of 2012. Before that I graduated with my B.A. in Painting from UNC Charlotte.

I am currently a full time Art Teacher at Lakeshore Middle School in Mooresville NC. I enjoy teaching very much as it has changed the way I see art and the necessity of Art as a tool for understanding, communicating, expression, and beauty.

I've filmed and produced numerous instructional online workshops, taught countless local art classes and private lessons to all ages, and regularly produce new original work for commission and sale.

It is my goal to build an amazing art and educational brand where people from around the world will come to both purchase art and learn how to better express themselves through visual arts.

On my website you will find:

  • Instructional online workshops
  • Fine Art Originals for sale - prices, descriptions, images, etc.
  • Downloadable art PDF files for sale allowing you to print on demand
  • My blog titled: Stephen Lursen Art featuring multiple free tutorials 
  • My contact information
  • Social links (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram,)

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Happy Painting!


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