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Original Artwork For Sale

I primarily paint using acrylics on canvas. Although each work may be 90% acrylics, I often include additional materials like gold leaf, drawing materials, epoxy resin, collage, oil paint, and other mixed media within each painting to add diversity and complexity to the layers. This additional complexity is a means to add mystery and ultimately draw the viewer in for a closer experience.

Bright, full strength colors, splashed energetically across the surfaces, represent a spirit of courage. 

Upon introspection, I realize that my desire to inspire courage comes from my resentment of oppressive mindsets. In my work with hundreds of art students of all ages, I've heard far too many self deprecating comments, outpourings of oppressive beliefs. In my life and work, I challenge the negative thoughts that if left alone, blossom into hopelessness. The desire for freedom comes from my faith that regardless of who or what we are, we are made by our creator and loved enough for Christ's ultimate sacrifice to redeem us. This is not earned but given freely. 

If you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding a painting or potential commission, please email me at stephenlursen@gmail.com