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7 Artists who inspire me right now

Stephen Lursen abstract painting artists who inspire me

7 inspirational artists, selection by Stephen Lursen

7 Artists who inspire me right now

No matter who you are as an artist, it is important to continually learn and grow by experience within the studio and by observation/conversations from other artists who make what you find to be beautiful art.

These 7 Artists make what I find to be extraordinary work and I would love to have a conversation with any of them about their process, materials, color choices, belief about the purpose of art, and more.

Artist 1.) Claire Desjardins. (She is actually going to be teaching at Donna Downey Studios where I will be teaching! I'm very tempted to sign up for her class called "Expressions in paint")

Artist 2.) Mayako Nakamura

Artist 3.) Ellen Levine Dodd 

Artist 4.) Jaime Rovenstine

Artist 5.) Raven Roxanne

Artist 6.) Sarah Otts

Artist 7.) Yori Price


Thank you for reading and checking out the artists who's work I'm learning from right now. What artists do you think would be at the top of your list? I'de love to learn about them myself! - Stephen

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  • Stephen Lursen on

    Susan, I am so glad you enjoyed looking at my favorite artists! I will continually being adding to this list and will repost regularly as I find inspiring contemporary artists to share.

  • Susan on

    Thank you for sharing your favorites….

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