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Abstract Workshop #1 - online workshop by Stephen Lursen

Stephen Lursen Online Workshop stephen lursen

     This is Stephen Lursen and I am so excited to be releasing a brand new art instructional video called Abstract Workshop 1. In this video I take you step by step from a blank 12"x12" gallery depth canvas to the final brush stroke of this beautiful abstract painting. Working in a completely intuitive process, this beautiful completely abstract painting has a focus on Light Molding Paste, palette knives, and pointillism. I selected a cool color palette to create a rich and highly textured background and then brighten and warm the work of art with touches of magenta, pink, orange, and yellow.

     In this workshop, you will learn about proper canvas preparation, color mixing, creating thick paint paste with Light Molding Paste, pointillism, the intuitive painter's process, and the ever important question of "How do I know when I'm finished?"

     Abstract #1 workshop is so exciting for me because it marks the first completely intuitive painting I have ever filmed. Watch and work along with me to experience your own ground breaking moments and unlock your passion not only for looking at abstracts but for painting them!

    I had such a blast making this painting and I am sure you will too! If you are experiencing colder weather and dream of bright colorful days to keep you warm and inspired through the season, this is the painting for you. please take a moment and watch the preview. The whole workshop video is approximately 53 minutes divided into 4 separate chapters for easier streaming and downloading. It costs $25 and is such a great value as you can watch it as many times as you like and rework a completely new canvas every time. The quality is in 720 HD which is nice for clarity. You can find the online video at: https://howtopaint.myshopify.com/products/abstract-workshop-1

    Thank you so much! I am really excited to get to share this painting process with you!


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