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Color Splash Original Painting

Stephen Lursen original art stephen lursen

This is the 36"x 36" painting that my wife Cara and I worked on together immediately following the Galaxy Splash Abstract painting. This is also an acrylic painting, but has no gold leaf. Sometimes... rarely,  I edit back the labor in a painting and this is probably the simplest painting I have ever worked on of this size. Part of the motivation of editing back was because I was working on this painting with Cara who has simpler and more colorful taste than I do. I do enjoy collaborating on paintings with others because you always create artwork that neither would have done on their own. As you can see, we rotated the canvas and dripped the paint in opposing directions to free us up to be able to determine which orientation we wanted most. If your drips are only in one direction, that implies gravity and causes most viewers to assume that the drips fall down and if you rotate the canvas in any other direction it may seam wrong. To combat that thinking, we dripped in different directions. We used glass bead medium, white flake medium, and multiple fluid mediums to increase splatter ability of paints. We finger painted the majority of the left side to create energy without showing obvious brush strokes.

Detail images below:

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