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FREE Painting Workshop - "Winter Dazzle" by Stephen Lursen

Stephen Lursen free Online Workshop stephen lursen

Hello friends!!!

Stephen Lursen here with a brand new free painting workshop video! I have tought this class in the studio at Donna Downey Studios, and in the season of giving, I want to share this fun class with you! This workshop is great throughout the winter season for families, friends, children, and adults. Have fun, Express your creativity, and Explore new ways of making the world a more beautiful place. Merry Christmas!

After watching this video, you may be curious about what I used in this painting. The supplies I used include:

1.) One printed out silhouette of a reindeer that I cut out and traced onto the canvas.

2.) One pencil with which to trace the silhouette - a water soluable pencil would be best.

3.) One 11"x14" canvas primed and ready to go.

4.) Gold glitter of various sizes.

5.) Modge podge - you could use any gel medium, collage podge, glue, etc. Each will work slightly differently, and have different drying times.

6.) One half inch round tipped flat brush.

7.) One tiny tipped detail brush.

8.) Golden brand Titanium White, Anthroquinone Blue, Titan Buff, and Burnt Umber Light. All Fluid Acrylic paints.

9.) One water well with water and a paper towel for dabbing your paint brush on after cleaning.

And without any further delay, I am proud to present my Winter Silhouette Workshop! Thank you so much for watching! Sincerely, Stephen 

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