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Hummingbird Workshop - Online workshop with Stephen Lursen

Stephen Lursen Online Workshop stephen lursen

     I'm back with a gorgeous new painting workshop! This time I show you how to use intense color to create an abstract mixed media hummingbird painting.
     Take a look at the trailer to see not only my painting, but also the work of other artists like yourself! I instruct every step of the process from blank white canvas to amazing work of art. This is truly a mixed media painting because in addition to layers of paint, you will collage and add elements such as buttons, glitter, sequins, and anything else you can find. This painting captures a moment in time as a couple hummingbirds fly in and out of beautifully colored flowers.
     You are encouraged to paint your version with your own favorite colors in mind to create a truly unique and original work of art. This workshop is absolutely for all skill levels. No previous drawing skills required. for access to the supply list, please click here. The price for this workshop is only $25. Taking this workshop in the studio is double that price, making this a fantastic value!
     Here are a number of other paintings made during this workshop. These images are examples of how many variations you can create just by pushing your imagination! Have fun with it! Be fearless in your color combinations and layers!

 (notice the buttons applied to the canvas in this one above)

Thank you for watching the trailer and for looking at some of the other paintings made during this workshop. I would love for you to consider buying this online workshop and working along with it, to bring a beautiful pop of color from your heart to your walls! For more information on purchasing this workshop, please visit my website by clicking here.

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