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Writing and illustrating a short story - part 3 storyboarding your illustrations

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Storyboard Design is a commonly used practice within a production process for show business but is also extremely beneficial for brainstorming book illustrations. Its basically brainstorming and showing multiple potential layouts, compositions, and examples of how you can illustrate a line or event from within your book.

Here is a video to reference to gain a better understanding of what storyboarding is all about.


I want you to write one of your sentences from your story at the top of a page. Under your story sentence, draw three rectangles stacked vertically on top of one another. Within each box, I want you to sketch a different version of that sentence to show a different perspective or focus in each drawing that is unique compared to the others. For instance, one storyboard sketch can be zoomed out on the whole scene, one can be a mid-range shot to focus on two characters, and one can be a close up of one character's facial expression to show the impact of what's happening in the story.


Here is my example. 

Story Board Example.JPG


You need to do at least one storyboard page per illustration in your book to complete this lesson.

Thanks! Have fun!

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