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"Swirling Water" A new time lapse painting video

Stephen Lursen abstract painting free original art stephen lursen time lapse

Forward progress! I just got back from taking my family on a summer vacation to Treasure Lake in Georgia. We stayed in a beautiful townhouse on the water and made it a priority to visit the Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium is the best and biggest aquarium in the U.S. and we LOVED it! We went on a Tuesday to avoid the crowds and we never waited in line for anything!

I mentioned the aquarium because it has been a major source of visual inspiration for me this summer. Two weeks ago, before vacation, I finished painting my tiny series (4 small paintings in my recent style) and included a time lapse video for those. Yesterday I went to the garage and brought in a 5'x4' painting I started painting it during my last weekend workshop teaching at Donna Downey Studios, but since my priority was teaching, I never got to finish the painting. All is well because I completely revamped it! I love how it turned out and I'm very excited about the work I'm creating now. I call it "Swirling Waters".

Here is the time lapse video including much of my painting process.


Swirling Waters original painting by Stephen Lursen

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