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Expecting Glory - Original painting by Stephen Lursen (2011 - 2015)

Stephen Lursen original art stephen lursen

I am very proud to present my newest large scale painting "Expecting Glory"!

I hope you had the chance to read my last post explaining the back story to my newest finished painting. If not, please read here.

So without any further a du, I present to you Expecting Glory.
(I have officially copyrighted this work via copyright.gov)

Expecting Glory
by Stephen Lursen
Acrylic on 2 panels
7' tall x 6' wide

Original painting can be purchased online @:

High Resolution PDF versions for personal use can be purchased at:

Detail shots of Expecting Glory:

Here is the main character in the painting. He is small in scale, but he is the source of the energy that rises up from within him. The circles represent ideas and thoughts. The higher the circles are, the longer they have been thought about. After much contemplation, some ideas burst and are gone, and others manifest and grow. 

These shooting stars represent the moments in life that are so fleeting. If you don't live in the moment, then they are gone. These specific shooting stars are those fleeting moments remembered from the past. I say the past because the left half of the painting, night time, represents the past, as the sunrise represents the future, and the center of the painting were the figure is seated, represents the now.

These stars surrounded by darkness represent the few most important people in one's life. In dark times it is important to have the love and support of family and friends.

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