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Stephen Lursen Art

SOLD!!! The Cathartic Arrival - Original painting by Stephen Lursen


Stephen Lursen Artist and Instructor from North Carolina


Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

"The Cathartic Arrival" is a continuation of Stephen's current series of work wherein he paints a symbolic character within the context of an abstract painting.

Within this painting, the swan lands in a safe, beautiful lake after laboring for unknown weeks of hard travel. All the struggles and pains that this swan has experienced from outside predators, dangerous storms, and self doubt are now over! Landing in the cool water with the bright sun shining brings an overwhelming cathartic release of emotions replacing the past with joy and peace.

This work is intended to act as a reminder to the viewer to keep the faith that regardless of the current difficulties of life, there is hope, that this hard season shall pass, and the sun will soon rise over the dark horizon with gifts of joy and rest.

This painting is 10" tall x 8" wide x .75" deep. It is unframed and can be hung as is or be framed to suit your design aesthetic.

Keywords: peaceful, beige, blue, swan, tan, turquoise, white, calm, flying, light, neutral

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