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Stephen Lursen Art

SOLD!!! The Captivating Charismatic - Original painting by Stephen Lursen


30"x40" x 1.5" deep. Original painting on canvas.

The Captivating Charismatic began in my current intuitive style as I splashed down a wash of clear water over 80% of the canvas. I then dripped Liquitex blue and magenta acrylic ink onto the wet surface. Moving the ink around to the point I was satisfied, I walked away to let it dry. Once dry, I picked up my paint brush and acrylic paint and went to work.

Although I never know what the painting will look like when I finish, I do focus on a few priorities for my work. For me to consider any work finished, it must have a wide variety of color, line weight, and texture. It must also have a range of scale from tiny marks to big marks and everything between.

This particular painting has a swirling cyclical motion developed by the layers of paint and texture. I applied the gold and copper leaf onto the surface and even sprinkled some glitter for the sparkle effect. To push the applied elements back into the visual space I painted a few more layers of paint on top which allowed me to achieve a greater sense of depth in the work.

My hope is that this painting will greet its new owner with warmth and energy every time he or she enters the space where its installed. The bold pop of color will create a beautiful focal point in any space.

Mixed media painting: Acrylic, acrylic ink, pastel, gold + copper leaf, metallic spray paint, and glitter on Canvas.


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