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Stephen Lursen Art

Currently On Display in The North Carolina Museum of Art: Nesting: Original Mixed Media Painting


Currently on Display at the North Carolina Museum of Art until May 20th, 2024. If you purchase this painting before then, your delivery of the work will be held until after the show comes down at NCMA in Raleigh, NC.

Nesting, by Stephen Lursen is an original acrylic painting on gallery depth canvas, with gold leaf geometric circular and linear designs. This painting is a continuation of his series including owls, gold leaf geometric designs, and more recently, his plants.

Symbolism is present in this work in the same way it is in his others. The Owls represent parental figures who seek to protect their family, their children, and others when vulnerable and developing. The gold leaf circles represent hopes and dreams that start out very small, but in time, grow. The fractures in the rings of gold occur in some as they rise, meaning that as a child grows up, the longer they foster a dream, the greater the dream becomes, but at the same time, the more life experience a developing person has, the more negativity assaults them and often can burst their bubble, causing the dream to die. In many of the earlier owl paintings, the owls are flying, actively protecting the rings by holding onto some of them in their talons. In this work, the owls are older and their responsible "children" are growing more independent. This represents the stage of trusting and hoping while releasing the primary burden of protection. The couple is focusing on one another and reestablishing their nest for the future. They have their own hopes and dreams that are beginning anew. 

This painting is 3' tall x 2' wide on gallery depth stretched canvas 1.5" deep.

The materials used in the production process include acrylic paint, glitter, and gold leaf.

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