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"Hope" Acrylic, gold + copper leaf, and glitter on canvas


This painting has been more recently repainted and can be found under the title "A Spirit of Adventure: Original Painting"

FREE SHIPPING!!! Original painting: 36" x 36" Acrylic, gold leaf and glitter on Canvas.

I have been working in the studio developing a series of work to show at an upcoming gallery show. This work titled Hope is so named because of its combination of bright bold colors and soft pastels. It also has a sparkle in small areas that are visible when the light hits it. The sparkle comes from two sources, gold leaf and gold glitter. This work is highly textural as I used layers of texture paste within my creative process. I would love for you to hang it on your wall!

When you look at this work of art I hope that you are uplifted by its energy and a smile comes across your face.

In the last photo I included another recent painting in the same series called "Grace and Peace". Both are the same dimensions and materials except Hope has glitter within the materials used.

Stephen Lursen artist and instructor

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