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Stephen Lursen Art

SOLD!!! Flying Lessons - Original painting by Stephen Lursen


Stephen Lursen, artist and instructor at stephenlursen.com


Painting: Acrylic and gold leaf on Canvas.

"Flying Lessons" is an imaginary work intended to you back to your childhood. A time when you could spend hours imagining you were flying, going on a grand adventure. I hope that this work of art inspires you to feel creative, light, and filled with hope. If "life is what you make it", why not make it dreamy and filled with magic?

This painting is 24" tall x 24" wide x 1.5" deep. It is an original acrylic painting with gold leaf delicately applied just enough to add momentary sparkles of light which can be seen when walking around the painting. It is finished and unframed. Framing is not necessary due to the depth of this heavy duty canvas.

Keywords: beige, blue, swan, tan, boy, white, abstract, feathers, flying, airy, landscape, light

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