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SOLD!!! A Vibrant Hope: Original Painting by Stephen Lursen


Painting: Acrylic and gold leaf on Canvas.

This colorful abstract painting is a combination of a pale neutral palette with the central zone of bright vivid magenta, purple, and blue. A whirling energy comes from the splattered and poured paint as Stephen poured, dripped, and brushed layer over layer. This work is an invitation to step into your imagination like a portal and enjoy the limitless adventure you can find in your mind as your eyes bounce from gold to magenta, color to color, and shape to shape.

This painting is 36" x 36" x 1.5" deep (gallery depth canvas) and needs no frame to hang on your wall. "A Vibrant Hope" is a statement piece that will bring life and warmth to your space, be it home or business.

I chose acrylics because of their vibrance and durability. Gold leaf is embedded to add sparkle when the light hits it just right. I love when a painting looks different based on where you see it in the room and reflective media like gold leaf provides these happy moments.

A Vibrant Hope by Stephen Lursen

Keywords: pink, beige, red, soft, blue, white, abstract, gold, atmospheric, magenta, nonrepresentational, metallic

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