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Peter Pan and Wendy Online, Mixed Media, Painting Workshop by Stephen Lursen

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Peter Pan and Wendy Online Workshop is already a wonderful success with numerous beautiful paintings made from my step by step videos. Watch, learn, and work along with me, as I paint an 11"x14" mixed media painting based on Peter Pan and Wendy Darling as they fly through London under the moonlight.

I break each step down with explanations that clearly demonstrate every step of the process. With a total of 4 hours and 46 minutes of instruction and content, this experience is the closest you can come to taking a full, in person workshop with me, right here in my studio. 

I was so overjoyed to have been invited to be a guest art instructor in Ever After 2017 by Tamara Laport of Willowing Arts in the U.K. This workshop was a part of their collaborative project including more than 10 artists from around the globe. If you're interested in seeing more about the total package, just click the link to Ever After 2017

Are you concerned about working with figures, landscapes, ships, and other details possibly for the first time? Don't be! You can do it! No prior painting skills are necessary! I have created numerous helpful resources!!! I've included printable images that you can use to trace or collage into your painting if you like, and I've also created a detailed written, step by step PDF, including screen shot images, to provide an additional guide as you work through the stages one at a time.

The included printable collage/tracing elements (the London cityscape, Jolly Roger flying ship, and figures) are downloadable to empower you to pick the best method of production for your interest and confidence.

Feel free to preview the comprehensive supplies list to make sure you have the necessary supplies and purchase whatever may be needed.

Content durations below:

Artist Introduction: 12:38

Style Development Video: 32:16

Part 1: 26:55

Part 2: 28:49

Part 3: 24:59

Part 4: 56:08

Part 5: 50:24

If you would like to see the successful paintings from others who've watched this workshop already, please check out the blog post called Peter Pan and Wendy Online Workshop Success.

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I also have the directions in video form too here. https://stephenlursen.com/pages/frontpage
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Happy Painting!!!



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