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London, New York, and Paris Workshop

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Join me, Stephen Lursen, as I shows you step by step how to create a beautiful painting full of style and color! I paints an 11"x14" canvas, creating a mixed media painting primarily with acrylic paints and some collage. I love to travel and I bet you do too! This painting workshop includes how to paint Big Ben, the famous London clock tower, The Chrysler Building of New York, and of course the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

This 720HD instructional painting video is broken down into 5 parts for smaller file size and easier downloading.

The far left section of London's Big Ben clock tower is inspired by the song "Foggy London Town". Big Ben is enveloped in wispy whimsical pointillist fog. The center section tries to show off New York with bright spotlights shining up into the heavens. Lastly, Paris is represented in the far right section with lovely vibrant firework explosions of color.

This workshop can be painted in so many ways making it a great value! After painting a similar work of art, you can take the lessons learned and create new original paintings where only one iconic city is painted per canvas and create an amazing collage of art!

London, New York, and Paris workshop part 1: (10:55)
London, New York, and Paris workshop part 2: (11:44)
London, New York, and Paris workshop part 3: (11:03)
London, New York, and Paris workshop part 4: (11:51)
London, New York, and Paris workshop part 5: (13:34)
Total video time: (59:07)


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