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An Evolution of Abstract Painting: Online Workshop with Stephen Lursen

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PREVIEW OF PART 12 - Sanding and Refining.

An Evolution of Abstract Painting by Stephen Lursen

Part 1 - Preparing your canvas for painting (7:05) 

Part 2 - Luminous Glazes (8:39) 

Part 3 - Color shifting (7:40) 

Part 4 - Sgrafitto (10:50) 

Part 5 - Layering with Mark-making (10:37) 

Part 6 - Evaluation as part of the process (12:40) 

Part 7 - Order over chaos (14:04) 

Part 8 - Diversification (12:01) 

Part 9 - Complete commitment (11:28) 

Part 10 - Drawing viewers in close with detail (10:32) 

Part 11 - If at first you don’t succeed… (13:26) 

Part 12 - Sanding and Refining (12:51) 

Part 13 - The end of the painting (7:23) 

Part 14 - Using a miter saw to cut wood to size (6:14) 

Part 15 - Building the frame and stretching the canvas (18:10) 

That is 2 hours and 44 minutes of HD content that you can stream or download at your convenience. There is no limit to how many times you can watch this workshop. You have it forever! 


Stephen Lursen in front of his finished abstract painting

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Q: So what is this all about?

Answer: An Evolution of Abstract Painting: Online Workshop is a brand new, full process workshop, wherein Stephen demonstrates step by step the entire process from beginning to end of painting a large scale, 6.5' x 4' painting. 

Q: Who is Stephen?

Answer: Stephen is an artist local to Charlotte, NC. He teaches here at Donna Downey Studios regularly and sold out his weekend workshop called Size Does Matter! With THIS online workshop, you can learn from the comfort of your own home what others pay hundreds more to learn in person!

Q: How is this any different than other online workshops?

Answer: This workshop is incredibly unique for so many reasons. First, he shows you how to paint on raw canvas. This means you no longer have to limit your paintings to generic store bought sizes. You will learn how to prepare your canvas and then complete a multi layered painting implementing a wide range of techniques. Once the painting is complete, he teaches you how to calculate the stretcher frame size, cut the wood, and build the frame using basic tools like wood glue and a hand held staple gun. You will no longer be restricted to buying canvases from your local art supply store.

Q: Can I do this?

YES!!!! Absolutely! This is a refreshing workshop where you can take the time to dig deep and challenge yourself to complete a new artistic adventure. Create big BOLD art! You can do it! Have you ever fantasized of representing yourself through an impressive statement piece? Then this is what you have been waiting for!

Q: It costs more than Stephen's previous workshops, how is this a bigger value?

The value in this workshop is unbelievable for so many reasons!

First: The information you will learn in just a small part of this workshop frees you up to create any custom sized canvas you want for next to nothing when you compare the cost of raw cotton duck canvas at $5 - $10 per yard, to a store bought large scale canvas ranging upwards of $300-$500! Thats just for the canvas alone! No wonder so many artists don't frequently go big!

Second: If you already have paint, then you can use the paint you already have to do it all! He uses practically every color in the rainbow including yellow, orange, red, dark red, purple, blue, teal, green, white and gray. But the specific brand and color name doesn't really matter because he shows you how to blend and glaze one color over the other. 

Third: You will learn how to paint in new ways; for instance, creating crisp line work for perspective, finger painting for radiance, splattering for detail, glazing for luminosity, and masking to edit. In addition to additive techniques, he also teaches some subtractive painting techniques too! You'll learn about sgrafitto (scratching through wet paint to develop surface texture) and sanding with sand paper to reveal moments of brighter colors underneath. Adding and subtracting paint within the process of creation develops such a beautiful and mysterious surface that draws people close to really connect with your painting. 

Fourth: This online workshop is broken into 15 parts (2 hours and 44 minutes total) of high quality teaching, demonstrating, and specialized painting content that can help grow you leaps and bounds in your abstract painting.

Fifth: This workshop also includes the BONUS FEATURES of his Abstract Workshop #1 and Abstract Workshop #2 ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! These online workshops are available immediately upon purchase along with "An Evolution of Abstract Painting" online workshop videos.

Sixth: Join the brand new facebook group Stephen created just for the members of this course! You can share your creations, discoveries, and inspirations with others and also see what cool and beautiful paintings others post too!

Seven: By purchasing this workshop, you have access to a private 1 on 1 art critique with Stephen via email. All you have to do is include you receipt or purchase # within your email, and also include images of your painting/s, and Stephen will give a thoughtful productive and encouraging response that will both affirm you and challenge you to grow. You can't get this anywhere else!!!

Stephen's insights offered throughout this workshop can not by overstated. He earned his Masters of Fine Art in Painting and is committed to a life of learning and challenging himself. His demonstrations and explanations make even advanced techniques easy. This workshop is easy to understand and makes painting big approachable. You can definitely do this and if you have been considering taking a  leap of faith into the ocean of abstract painting, then you will love this workshop! 


Access to your videos is instant and easy immediately following purchase. 

Here's how:
  • Step 1: Please log in here at stephenlursen.com and make your purchase.
  • Step 2: Once logged in and purchase is complete, you will see a new page tab at the top of the website for each workshop you have purchased. It auto reveals instantly after purchase. Click the tab with the workshop title.
  • Step 3: Watch the workshops one at a time via the streaming method, or download them for your collection via the download links underneath each streaming window. These videos never expire and you never lose access.
I hope this helps you gain access quickly and easily! 
I also have the directions in video form too here. https://stephenlursen.com/pages/frontpage
Thank you so much for your business!
Also, If you haven't joined the Facebook group yet, please consider joining to share your art with others and get feedback and encouragement from a community of like minded artists. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185014231917276/?ref=bookmarks
Happy Painting!!!



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