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Welcome to stephenlursen.com!

I'm thrilled you're here!

I would like to first thank you for adventuring to find me. You must be a lover of art! I am too! Not only do I love to make art, I love to see others create as well! Here at stephenlursen.com you will have the opportunity to see my original paintings which are all for sale, and if you'd like to try out painting in my style to learn a new way of seeing and creating, then please check out my online workshops


Just for subscribing to my newsletter I am going to give you a $5 discount code that can be used towards any one item on my site! That will cover one of my printable PDFs or contribute towards an online workshop. I hope you keep coming back and work through numerous workshops! (code below.)
If you have the chance, please join our Facebook group for artists to share all of our creations as we work through the online workshops I sell here on stephenlursen.com.
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