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Day Dreamer

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Hello, My name is Stephen Lursen and I would love to share this video titled Day Dreamer with you! Using Donna Downey Studios' cling stamp, "Independent Women series -Anastasia {believes}" (which I designed under her label), I will show you a way you may have never thought to use it before! My focus in this painting was COLOR and lots of it. I painted a world of colorful circles bubbling up around the figure. In the last two videos about painting the face, I made the skin tone more complex by mixing a wide range of colors. In this video I am changing my style a bit to show another way to do it! I simplified my painting process a lot in this figure painting, all the while staying true to what we all love to do, making a beautiful painting!

One unique quality about this painting compared to others is the meditative nature of the process, you can get lost in the enjoyment of it all. If you love geometric art with crisp clean lines, then this is your painting workshop!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your works of art posted to my Stephen Lursen Art Facebook wall!

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Happy Painting!!!



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