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Stephen Lursen Art

"Grace and Peace" Acrylic and gold + copper leaf on canvas



This painting titled "Grace and Peace" is 36" x 36" on gallery depth canvas. It is so named, because when painting, it is fairly easy to take bright colors straight from the tubes and paint them onto a surface. Such a technique produces brightly colored works of art, which are far from subtle. One might say it requires little grace or sensitivity.

It is a much more difficult technique to develop and blend muted colors that are all within the same family and apply them with gentle sensitive fades from one to the other. With just a touch of jewel tones and gold leaf, this painting represents grace which chooses to cover up wrongs of others with sensitive and patient understanding. After such grace is given, peace is able to flourish. This painting represents grace and peace to me more by the process that it took to create it then by a symbol or illustration that may tell a story. As a result of its neutral palette and touches of gold leaf, this painting will hopefully warm and calm any wall space where it is hung.

Stephen Lursen artist and instructor

In the last photo I included another recent painting in the same series called Hope. Both are the same dimensions and materials except Hope has glitter within the materials used.

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